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Post by The Flame on Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:08 pm

Now, Chimera's can look a multitude of ways, from having three head or one. But there is two things that are always the same, the lion head and the snake tail. Sometimes they have wings and sometimes they don't. They could have spines and they could also have two or three snakes on their tail! Another thing that changes is their hind legs, sometimes of a goat and sometimes of a lion. With that they are also said to breath fire.

Here's a picture of one with one head and tail and with goat hind legs,
Chimera Information Chimera_by_tsaoshin-d5bug0s

Here's one with three heads and wings,
Chimera Information Chimera1

And then here's a female lion head with no visible snake tail,
Chimera Information Chimera

And a baby,

Chimera Information D5297000-a05f-459f-93f3-bf4eecac80d2_zps11136f63

As you can see, there is a lot of different ways Chimera's look. I would say the only limit to them is that they have to have a lion head and a snake tail with some lingering goat. But they only reason they are here is because of the fact that they breath fire. You may use any of these pictures for your Chimera.
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