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Uri the Chimera (Complete?)

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Uri the Chimera (Complete?) Empty Uri the Chimera (Complete?)

Post by Uri on Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:23 pm

Uri the Chimera (Complete?) Chimera%20uri_zpsg0h3zuj0
Personal Information

Name: Uri (Meaning: My light, flame, fire)
Nickname: Light, sometimes takes codename Raptor.
Age: 22 years old.
Gender: Female
Likes: Uri enjoys heartfelt compliments, flashy attire, confident companions, and something to rule.
Dislikes: Uri dislikes deep water, the taste and smell of fish, being dirty, and great heights.
Fears: Uri is claustrophobic, afraid of confined spaces. She's also afraid of being powerless, and of death, but those are far more common fears.
Personality: All of the heads are controlled by Uri, making her thought process more complex to take in three times the sights and sounds. This alone doesn't necessarily make her smarter, but she is still a strategist at heart. She doesn't mind harming others in her pursuit for power, and frequently knows just the right things to say. She picks up on personality traits and flaws easy enough, but has been known to occasionally be wrong in her assessment.

She is fiercely loyal to her leaders, and to a lesser extent, her peers. She enjoys leading, and the idea of power, but still wants someone to work for, and yet again not just for anyone. The idea of great riches is really only appealing for the power it provides, and not for anything she could buy. Because Uri enjoys attention, she is often flashy, and regrets the fact the her goat and snake heads get in the way of a proper cape or cloak.

When she's feeling lonely, she doesn't need to talk or play with others to fix that, she just needs to be in their presence. Though, being who she is, she still enjoys chatting about her day. She tries to not let compliments allow others to get away with things, but it's an effort.
Side: Bad Side


Size: Size of a non-magical female mountain lion.
Eyes: Gold-yellow eyes with cat pupil for lion head, brown eyes with goat pupil (sideways oval) for goat head, yellow eyes with slit pupil for the snake head.
Accessories: Uri wears a red tie around her lion head.
Appearance: Uri is a chimera with a lion body, and where a normal head would be is her lion one. She has golden-brown fur and a short cream-colored mane, despite being female. On her back is the grey head of a goat, with horns as long as it's neck. Uri's tail is a long, green snake, with fangs hidden while it's mouth is closed.


Rank: Uri is a hunter for the chimera tribe, and isn't higher only because she needs time to spend helping the bad side. Preferably second or third in command to Flamefall.
Species: Chimera


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown. She doesn't think she has any, but for not knowing her parents, it is a possibility. (Possibly open.)


Strengths: 1. Uri has no problem taking on challenges others might find too big. 2. Uri often knows just what to say to warm herself up to others, or to start a fight. She may use this skill to spread helpful and harmful rumors. 3. Because she has three heads, she rarely has blind spots, and is more in tune with her sight and hearing. It's hard to take her by surprise in this way, at least. 4. Uri has fun strategizing, and is quite good at it.
Weaknesses: 1. Cold temperatures don't only harm her because she is a creature of fire, but because her snake tail is very sensitive to temperature, like most snakes. 2. Uri is weak against flying creatures such as dragons and phoenixes, because she is stuck on the ground, and her ranged attack, breathing fire, would do little good against fire beings. 3. Uri is susceptible to flattery, as she very much wants to believe it's true, and often does. 4. Because of this, she may think too much of herself, and fall victim to hubris.
Special Abilities: She can breath fire as she pleases, and withstand incredibly hot temperatures. Her snake head holds non-deadly, yet painful, venom.
Combat style: When hunting food, or other magical creatures upon being ordered, she is an ambush predator, sometimes using goat noises as bait. Usually, though, she tries to wait for others to come to her, to fight on her territory. In the mean time, she strategizes if she knows they are coming. She fights long and hard, making use of all she can. However, she is rarely willing to fight to the death.


Rp Sample:
(A post of mine from Fierce Claw) Quest tensed as he saw a deer charge towards the river, follow by a large, fast cat. It tackled the deer, and, as they fought, he noted that said cat was a cheetah. Quest picked up the rodent skeleton and quickly ate it. He doubted the cheetah would eat it... herself?, but was afraid of being chased off. As oddly social as he was, however, Quest decided to stick around.

Before speaking, he scratched the riverbank with sturdy, non-retractable claws, then let out a quiet hyena laugh so as not to startle the cheetah too badly. Quest intentionally took a non-threatening posture, and climbed up to level ground. "That was a bit, heheh, startling, honestly. I'm Quest, just a hunter from ScorchPack! So, who're you?"


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Uri the Chimera (Complete?) Empty Re: Uri the Chimera (Complete?)

Post by The Flame on Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:03 pm

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