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Flamefall, the choking ash. DONE (Wheeeeeee!)

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Flamefall, the choking ash. DONE (Wheeeeeee!) Empty Flamefall, the choking ash. DONE (Wheeeeeee!)

Post by Flamefall on Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:06 pm

Flamefall, the choking ash. DONE (Wheeeeeee!) Wer
Personal Information

Name: Flamefall of the Burning Skies
Nickname: Flamefall
Age: 24
Gender: Male
1. Ash-He loves it, ash and smoke darken and haze an area, and choke his victims.
2. Choked skies-Where he lives, the clouds are maroon and drench the sky. It is a wasteland, where the only available prey is difficult to hunt.
3. Power. What he wants more than anything else, save his own sister's death, is special abilities beyond all else.
4. Wealth. He is naturally drawn to shiny things.
(Reference:Flamefall would love "Wealth beyond the dreams of Avarice.". If he knew what it meant. (Twenty points for whoever guesses the source of that.))
His sister
His family
Clear skies.
Fears: Humiliation. He does not want to ever face embarrassment.
Personality: Flamefall has a dangerous personality. You poke him, he kills you. He finds little enjoyment in life, but does enjoy flying through the smoke and ash-filled skies of his home. He is clever, and thinks before he acts. Despite his cold, icey personality, he cares deeply about those who follow him, and will defend them. But if you cross him, expect to find yourself 6 feet under real soon.
Side: Evil


Size: 60 feet
Eyes: Yellow, no pupils.
That stuff.
Appearance: Ugh, just... see picture.


Rank: Leader
Species: Fire dragon.


Father: Blaze (Dead. (No, not WoF Blaze.))
Mother: Smoke (DEAD)
Siblings: The Flame, Ash (Ash is DEAD)


Strengths: Killing without mercy, focusing, not feeling guilt, flying
Weaknesses: Intense heat. (If you breathe fire down his throat, he will likely die. Though his hide is immune to this.) Lack of trust. (He doesn't trust anyone and won't let them help them as well as rarely talk to them. Not helpful in a bad situation.) Never wants help, he also can't swim.
Special Abilities: He can breathe tons of ash to strangle and choke his opponents. He can also set himself on fire. This fire is cold instead of warm. He can also kill anything permanently (including phoenixes.) But only if he uses his left claw on his left front paw to make the killing blow. It can't be on fire, and he can't use any other weapon otherwise it will not work. He is also immune to lava
(Imagine trying to slash someone's neck with your pinky and you have a pretty good idea of the difficulty.)
Combat style: Dirty. He does not care about honor and will kill any way he has to. He will ALWAYS finish a fight. Even if it takes him a thousand years.


History: To be revealed...
Rp Sample: You know me guys... I'm Bobingtonious the grand! (Echo and all her alts.)


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Flamefall, the choking ash. DONE (Wheeeeeee!) Empty Re: Flamefall, the choking ash. DONE (Wheeeeeee!)

Post by The Flame on Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:38 pm

Ermyguawd WHO IS ASH!

Also, should they be leaders of the sides, hence being leaders of tencnicly every tribe? Just and awesome idea.

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