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Fire bird studio (CLOSED)

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Fire bird studio (CLOSED) Empty Fire bird studio (CLOSED)

Post by Aine on Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:56 am

Currently closed making art for the site possibly

This studio is for making FREE ART to lovely RPers. My art is going to be traditionally drawn OR digitally drawn on GIMP.

If you want to request art please fill out my tiny form. This is so that I can make art as close to your Creature as possible. Please try to be as descriptive of their appearance and size as possible.

Art Request form here:

Creatures name- (your Creatures name here)
Creatures scale color- (be very descriptive please)
Creatures fur color- (also be descriptive)
Creatures teeth/horn/spikes/claw color- (still be descriptive)
Creatures snout type- (1=hooked or beaked like a bird of prey, 2= rounded and scaled like a monitor lizard, 3= rounded and scaled but looking kind of like a wolfs muzzle, 4= other and please tell me what it looks like IDK compare it to an animals muzzle)
Length of said horns/spikes/claws/teeth- (Optional - again something extra that is useful to me)
Creatures body length without the tail- (yes this is needed)
Creatures body length with tail- (Also needed, this is usually whats on a profile)
Creatures shoulder height- (Yes I do need this to accurately draw it)
Creatures ground to head height- (this is what you normally need in a profile)
Creatures body type- (can be three different main types. 1=slim and snake like, 2=lean but muscular not bulging with muscle. This is the type most creatures are, 3=large beefy muscular or fat creatures )
Creatures overall weight- (this is not needed but would also help)
Size of wings compared to body- (you can explain this however you want to. You do not have to put this down. It helps if you do but I can just make a general assumption on wing size)
Wing color- (cause sometimes wings are differently colored than dragons bodies)
Eye color- (because I forgot to put this part up further)

The only dragon art I can show off right now is Rateevko, Amnz, Lynx, and the current WIP of Aine's picture as they are the only digitally drawn one's I've done recently. It's linked below on DA (deviantart)


1) - Open

ANY OTHER REQUESTS WILL BE ADDED TO THE LIST AFTER THE FIRST ONE IS FINISHED!! ALSO remember that I do these in my free time. So I will not give an approximate "time until finished" to you. It gets finished when it gets finished. That is all.

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