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Post by Phoena on Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:21 am

Phoena (WIP) Firelord_burninates
Personal Information

Name: Phoena Nakskitsfa
Nickname: Ena
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Likes: Flying, being around fire, bring alone
Dislikes: Water,
Fears: Being trapped in a condition of which she can't revive for a long time and everything will be different when she wakes up.
She always fears that anyone she meets will want to kill her and make sure she can't revive herself.

Personality: (How does your character act. Please describe and be more than 3 sentences)
Side: None


Size: She is the size of an Elk.
Eyes: She usually has yellow eyes with a round pupil, but sometimes has glowing yellow eyes with no pupil
Accessories: (Does your character have anything extra?)
Appearance: (What does your character look like? Describe!)


Rank: Rogue
Species: Phoenix/Dragon mixture


Father: Dragonis (What I knew him as)
Mother: Phoenicia
Siblings: Unknown


Strengths: (What is your dragon good at? At least 3)
Weaknesses: (What can harm your dragon? At least 3)
Special Abilities: She can light herself on fire for 30 minutes every hour.
She can also shoot out fire every 5 minutes in little bursts.
She can revive herself like a Phoenix
Combat style: (How does your character fight)


History: Her father, a dragon of the bad side and her mother, a phoenix of the good side. They put their differences apart and decided to become mates. After a few years she wanted eggs, so they had some. Now, that egg was my brother. It could've gone down a lot differently, that was just what I was told.

I was born later, apparently ten years after my brother, but I was told he just died, so he would be about the same age. The real question was, why would I care. That just ment I would have to live with him for longer. Being a baby I didn't really care anyways. The only strange thing about my parents, was the fact they lived on the side of a snowy hillside. That's right, not only is a dragon and a phoenix form two different sides mates, but they lived on top of a pile on snow. I've just learned, don't ask.

We were good children, always following the rules and eating what was given. Sometimes, we could hear mom, crying. She was worried that her next egg would be her last, even though dad kept reassuring her it would be fine. I didn't think she needed another. My brother flew off before I did, probably to escape the snow. I grew accustom to it, learning how to stay warm in it and not die.

Five years later, hell broke lose. The bad side came, looking for revenge on my father. Not only did they kill him, they managed to kill my mother also. I watched, at the back on a corner cave. These things were monsters, I had no idea how I got out. Well, not really. At first they didn't notice me, about to leave when one stopped and smelled me. Before he could turn around I set myself on fire, darting out and extinguishing it, flying as fast as I could. They were close, to close. I don't know how, but I turned and shot a blast of fire at them. I never knew I could do this. All I knew, was I was hiding for a long time.

Thinking back to that day, I wondered if it would've been different with my brother there. Would he have died as well, or would we all still be alive? Even with the fears of those dragons, I took hold of the snowy den, exploring the mountain side and expanding the cave as much as I can, making sure if the future there might be more than one exit.

Rp Sample: (Give us a look of how your RP.)


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